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The Compliance Clinic is here to help healthcare professionals and their businesses thrive. The healthcare profession faces more liability than any other – and not just with patients. You are also at risk of overwhelming liability from your employees and office management. We live in a more litigious world than ever. Mismanagement of your staff, or mistakes and negligence on their part could leave you vulnerable to detrimental lawsuits and legal fees.

The Compliance Clinic is an online resource to help you avoid the common pitfalls that could land you in a legal dispute originating from within your office or staff. There are countless measures that you can be taking to protect yourself and your practice, so that you can focus on your patients. The Compliance Clinic has endless resources for you to use to help tighten up your office and make sure that you practice good risk management.

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Watch The Compliance Clinic Webinar Series where Judy takes you step-by-step towards a healthier medical office. She covers crucial topics like risk management, minimizing conflict and creating a functional, compliance workplace. Whether you are a healthcare provider, office administrator or employee, these seminars are indispensable.

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Each week The Compliance Clinic covers current topics on medical practice management in our Compliance Broadcast. Our podcast features interviews, current events, stories and news about issues that have a daily effect on office administration. Stay compliant by keeping current on our rapidly evolving legal system.

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What? LCD, Compliant Record Keeping? Why?

August 10th, 2016|0 Comments

Compliance Report

Ready to start empowering yourself? The Compliance Clinic gives you free access to our database of published articles on compliance in the workplace. Our database will help you become an expert on office administration and avoid the mistakes that have cost so many doctors their practices.

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Overtime Laws – Big Changes Are Coming

August 15th, 2016|0 Comments

Overtime Laws - Big Changes Are Coming The U.S. Department of Labor announced major changes in the rules governing salaried workers and overtime laws. Overtime law is changing dramatically because of new minimum wage laws. [...]